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  • Dr. James Myers

    Dr. James Myers is an expert in Functional Movement and in the treatment and prevention of Sports Related Injuries.  His passion in the field started as a thriving gymnast on the road to bettering himself and others. Avid Crossfitter, Body building competitor and occasional Line dancer, Dr. Myers enjoys all things that encourage dynamic movement. 

    Dr. Myers is from Norman Oklahoma and holds 3 NCAA national championship titles in Gymnastics from University of Oklahoma.  His success there did not come easily due to a shoulder reconstruction surgery the summer after his sophomore year. After a long and difficult 6 months of rehab he regained his strength and won 2 out 3 of his national titles. Thankful to have worked with wonderful Doctors and Therapists Dr. Myers decided to follow in their footsteps into the world of Sports Rehab. 

    After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and in Human Biology Dr. Myers decided to go to Chiropractic School.  He received his Doctorate in Chiropractic and master’s degree in Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation from Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, MO. 

    Dr. Myers views Life as a Sport and he uses his experience and knowledge to help others get out of pain, move better, and perform at their best. Whether you have cracked a rib, want to level up your deadlift, or are a beginner to the fitness world Dr. Myers encourages a more holistic view of Health and Wellness.

    Dr. Myers utilizes the following techniques:

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