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Have you tried to achieve a healthy weight and maintain healthy habits only to find frustration and lack of results? Transforming your body IS possible if we have the correct strategy. Dr. Dayma has coached hundreds of patients to create amazing body transformations and will walk with you step by step to meet your transformation goals.

Our nutrition program is simple, easy to follow, and best of all it WORKS! Dr. Dayma’s goal is to help you see results within the first week of starting the program. Nothing gets us more motivated like great results do! The first step of your journey will consist of a specific and structured nutrition protocol and the implementation of new healthy habits. Your body will enter a gentle, but efficient fat-burning state, essential for losing weight. Each meal will contain high quality protein which helps retain lean muscle mass, low glycemic carbohydrates, and probiotic cultures, which help to support digestive health, as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Following this protocol, you will lose weight on a consistent basis without exercise. We help you adopt an innovative lifestyle that gets your mind and body working for you. Our goal is to help you develop healthy habits that will lead to long term success.

Dr. Dayma is committed to guide and support you throughout your journey to a more vital, beautiful, and healthier you!

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